Wednesday, March 30, 2011

She back betch

lose your mind, find it again..


Greasy filthy handjobs

Belief in the one true power?
Can't stop the sound, can't you?
Can't stop the sound, can't stop you..

Slowly your troubles continue to multiply and to grow as a direct result of your being misguided,decieved, misdirected or fooled..
All of these are variations of the basic ego-gloried-live them in which you follow the gospel truth..

Persuing the wrong ideals and goals that lead you into sickness, unto --,
and from this sickness comes the belief in the one true power.
That cure that promised to erase the symptoms that stood between you and your goal.
Thats suductive to hear that offered releif and comfort without disturbing the faulty system of your beliefs.
The belief in the one true power, forever and ever, one nation, under --
The father, the son, and the holy --
In jesus name,

Greasy filthy hand jobs in truckstop restrooms
Hot carling, all over the..
Hot Carling.
I turned that into a verb, i hope you apreciate it.. Carling, Hot Carling Academy, its a school where you go to learn how to buttfuck.
They dont have blowjobs there because they are uncircumsized and that is just disgusting so they have to buttfuck..
Which is also disgusting, because that extra forskin traps all the germs and the poop, and the buttfucking residue within and that is why british people have bad teeth, amen.