Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Radelaide's got talent

A few muses from my homeland...

Nathalie Ducheine;

Not born and raised in Adelaide but when she moved to Ads for 2 years, as my best friend she got me through high school! Originally from Bangkok, Thailand, Natty has graced catwalks and magazine pages all over.
I couldn't be more proud.

Seb Riebolge;
He'll capture something beautiful and make it something surreal. He surprises me every time.

Juan Msomi;
First time I heard this little champ rhyme was with Ollie Kabbani in sync with acoustic. Now he's spent some time in the studio and i couldn't be more impressed :) Up and coming, this boy's only getting bigger and better...

Oliver Kabbani;
Haven't seen this kid in a while but he has an awesome voice and this song has always stuck with me.
The Other Half - PRESS PLAY

Laura Lux (Ashlee Adams);
Brains and beauty... She's always been a sweet heart to me and i feel privileged to even know her! What I love most is the balls she had to move to LA and start fresh. Wish you all the best..

Rupert Michell;

I've never met someone so driven by something. Always animated and compassionate he'll turn any skier into a boss... Fuckin' Steaze.

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